How to reach the International Center “Stavros Niarchos” and the Hall of Residence

From the Central Bus Station of Ioannina

Usually there are taxis waiting outside the Ioannina bus station. The taxi fair from the station to the University will be around 7,50 €. In case that there are no taxis waiting, you may call the following phone no.: 26510 46777. Otherwise you can walk 10 minutes to the city center and take a taxi or the city bus to the University Hospital from there.

From the city center of Ioannina

You can take the city bus (number 16 and 17) every 10 minutes from the Central Square, opposite the Court House. By taxi (approximately 6,00 euros)

From the Ioannina Airport

You can take the city bus to the city center (every 30 minutes), and then change bus to the University Hospital. Bus fare: 1,2-€ (one-way trip).

You can take a taxi to the University Hospital, which will cost you around 10 euros.

The International Center of Hellenic Culture & Vocational Training “Stavros Niarchos” (ΔΙ.Κ.Ε.Π.Π.Ε.Ε. «ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ ΝΙΑΡΧΟΣ). It is situated just before the University campus of Ioannina next to the University Hospital and behind the Science & Technology Park.

On your way to the University (5km away from the city center) you have to turn right where the sign University Hospital is. In the middle of this road, on your right hand, there is a big blue sign “THE UNIVERSITY OF IOANNINA, INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF HELLENIC EDUCATION -CULTURE & VOCATIONAL TRAINING “STAVROS NIARCHOS”. You must turn right there. 100 meters further down there are two big buildings with blue roofs. The first one is the Administration Building where the course/seminar/congress will be held and one behind it is the Hall of Residence where you will be accommodated.

Upon arrival you will say your name to the guard that you will find at the main entrance of the Administration Building and he will give your room key or he will guide you to the classroom of your interest.

International Center of Hellenic

Education-Culture & Vocational

Center "Stavros Niarchos",

University Campus,

45110 Ioannina,